James Bond

Seen the latest James Bond movie Spectre? As well as being guaranteed entertainment for a couple of hours, even though this one is longer than the rest, you can pick up some good tips from 007. If you haven’t watched the movie yet, don’t worry, we’re not giving the plot away. However, here are some things for you to think about.


James Bond has a knack for re-inventing himself right from when Sean Connery played 007 at the beginning. The franchise has succeeded across the decades because each actor has brought with him, his own fresh style. Not asking you to go and get a new avatar or make drastic changes to yourself. Instead have a think of what you could do to bring something fresh to the table.

Could you benefit from attending new vocational courses or taking up a new hobby to help you with creativity? Changes don’t have to be big or drastic; they could be as small as looking at your daily routine and seeing if you could make smaller changes to your schedule.

Think on your feet

Regardless of what 007 finds himself in, he has a knack of getting himself out of tricky situations. Ok, he is fictional and yes, he is meant to win, but he can think really fast on his feet. In most instances it’s either a live or die because someone’s out for his blood.

Being able to think on your feet is a great skill. If you find yourself waiting on the baseline and hoping something, magical is going to happen to you. Guess what? You’re missing out on the action, because most of it is on the field. When you are playing your game in the field, you get to experience the highs and lows and sometimes multiple emotions in swift succession. You never see 007 waiting for on a baseline. He’s always creating the action.

Act Fast

007 has to act fast, really fast because he doesn’t have a choice! His life is in danger or someone else’s life in danger. Hopefully, you won’t need to act fast to save your life; if you find yourself procrastinating or leaving something for tomorrow when it can be done today, then it time to act and act fast.  If you wait too long, you can easily talk yourself out of a situation.

When you build momentum, you find yourself feeling enthusiastic and prepared to entertain new ideas or try a different strategy. You’ll find yourself getting in the “flow”, which helps you to make informed choices instead of hasty emotionally charged decisions.

Attitude helps you win

Attitude determines altitude. This definitely rings true, especially when you find yourself facing a challenge. When you reframe a challenge, you begin to see things from a different angle.

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