JOBS- Top Tips on Keeping your Motivation Levels High

Job hunting can be fun, frustrating, long, and sometimes a tiring process. You go through all sorts of emotions when it comes to jobs and job hunting. It’s normal! You’re not the only one who feels like it might be a never ending cycle. Just like with everything else, pace yourself. Think of yourself as a marathon runner. If you give your all in the beginning, then you peak too early. You want to have consistent levels of motivation right throughout the process.

You might even find your enthusiasm levels dropping the more times you are rejected. This is normal too. Trick is to keep your motivation levels high. Why? Your future employer will detect low levels of motivation which come across non-verbally when you communicate verbally or via email/social media.

Here are some Top Tips to help you:

  • Keep your job hunting list updated. Trying to keep tabs using post it notes and paper can be tricky. However, if you keep this information in a spreadsheet, you can update it really quickly.
  • Update your Social Media profiles – Keep your Social Media profile updated regularly, with profiles updated with skills and experience. If you haven’t been using social media, try to make a habit of coming online for at least 10 minutes a day. You may choose to share articles or even write articles/blog posts yourself on a suitable topic.
  • Make sure you avoid having a rant on social media. If you have had a bad day or received a rejection for a role you wanted, don’t go and take it out publically. It’s easy to vent your frustrations online, but guess what, your future employer may well get to read this when you apply elsewhere.
  • Regroup and rethink strategy if you are facing obstacles. Maybe talk about it with trusted friends/advisers. It might help trigger off new ideas or solutions.
  • Make a list of all the things you don’t know and then seek solutions. For example, if you have tried calling someone in the company you know and they are not responding, see if you can speak with someone else instead.
  • Read around the industry you are after and keep updated on the companies you are applying to. It also allows you to talk confidently when you go for an interview.
  • Take a break and recharge your batteries. Job hunting can sometimes feel like an all time consuming process. It doesn’t have to be. Take regular breaks which will help you feel motivated.
  • Be persistent – when one door closes, go out and find the keys to more doors. It may be the next door will lead you to other fruitful opportunities.
  • Go for a walk. Not only did Steve Jobs have walking meetings, he went for walks when working through business challenges. Walking helps you to get a different perspective.
  • Have fun! This is important because it’s really easy to get sucked into the process and think that there is no light beyond the tunnel. It then becomes too much like hard work. Break it up and inject some fun, this will you’ll feel more creative.

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